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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


These Terms and Conditions of Use establish the contractual conditions applicable to any subscription by an Advertiser connected to its Personal Account from the Website and Mobile Site.

Each of the terms mentioned below with regards to terms and conditions of use in Edmonton Classified (hereinafter the "Conditions") have the following meanings:

  1. Announcement: This refers to all the elements and data (visual, textual, sound, photographs, drawings), presented by an Advertiser editorial under his sole responsibility, in order to buy, rent or sell a product or service and broadcast on the Website and Mobile Site
  2. Advertiser: This means any natural or legal person, a major, established in France, holds an account and having submitted an announcement, from it, on the Website. Any Advertiser must be connected to the Personal Account for deposit and or manage its ads. Ad first deposit automatically entails the establishment of a Personal Account to the Advertiser.
  3. Personal Account: This refers to the free registrations that any Advertiser must create to be able to have access to the Website in order to be able to post ads, disseminate, manage and view all ads.
  4. Edmonton Classified: This means the company that publishes and operates the Website and Mobile Site
  5. Customer Service: This means the department of the website to which the Advertiser may obtain further information. This service department can be contacted via email by using the Contact Us link on the Website and Mobile Site.
  6. Edmonton Classified Service: This means the services made available to Users and Advertisers on the Website and Mobile Site.
  7. Website: This means the website operated by Edmonton Classified accessed mainly from the URL https://www.edmontonclassified.ca/ and allowing Users and Advertisers to access the Service via the internet on our website URL.
  8. Mobile Site : This is the mobile site operated by Edmonton Classified accessible from the URL https://www.edmontonclassified.ca/ and allowing Users and Advertisers to access our website via their mobile phone service.
  9. User: This refers to any visitor with access to Edmonton Classified Service via the Website and Mobile Site and Consultant Service Edmonton Classified accessible from different media.

These Terms and Conditions Of Use establish the contractual conditions applicable to any subscription by an Advertiser connected to its Personal Account from the Website and Mobile Site.


Any use of the website by an Advertiser automatically indicates the full acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions of such usage.


Edmonton Classified can not be held liable for non-performance or improper performance due, either because of the Advertiser incompetence, or a case of major force and unforeseen circumstances beyond our control .


Edmonton Classified reserves the right, at any time, to modify all or part of the Terms and Conditions. Users and advertisers are advised to frequently monitor these Terms to be aware of such changes and stay up to date at all times.


If part of the Terms should be illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, the provisions in question would be deemed unwritten, without questioning the validity of the remaining provisions will continue to apply between Advertisers and Edmonton Classified. Any complaints should be addressed to Customer Service Edmonton Classified.


Pleas note that the PayPal logo and other widgets like Facebook, Twitter, etc, are solely the properties and rights of those companies and not ours.


1. Please post all ads in the right categories, you will be banned and blocked with your ads deleted if you do not comply with this.

2. Don't abuse, bully, deliberately insult/provoke, fight, or wish harm to other users, buyers and sellers of Edmonton Classified

3. Don't threaten, support or DEFEND violent acts against any person, tribe, race, animals, or group (e.g. rape).

4. No ads videos or pictures of the art of love-making or sexual in nature should be posted on the website.

5. Don't post pornographic or disgusting ads/pictures or videos on any section of Edmonton Classified

6. Don't post adverts or affiliate links outside the categories or areas where adverts are explicitly allowed.

7. Don't say, do, or THREATEN to do anything that's detrimental to the security, success, or reputation of Edmonton Classified

8. Don't post false information or fake and non existing ads on Edmonton Classified or you risk being banned and deleted.

9. Don't use Edmonton Classified for illegal acts, eg scams, plagiarism, hacking, incitement, promoting secession.

10. Don't violate the privacy of any people e.g. by posting their private pics, info, or chats without permission.

11. Don't create distracting ads with: ALL WORDS in BOLD / huge font sizes / ALL CAPS / distracting images and spaces here.

12. Don't insert signatures into your ads. Instead, add the desired signature to your profile only.

13. Please report any ad/ads or postings that violates the rules of Edmonton Classified using the (Report) button.

14. Please search and read our terms and conditions before creating and posting any new ad on Edmonton Classified

15. Never try or attempt posting censored words by misspelling them in disguise.

16. Never post any shady investments ads like betting, Pool, Forex, binary options, etc., on Edmonton Classified

18. Don't spam the website by advertising in the wrong categories or posting the same ads or contents many times on the website.

19. Don't use alternate accounts to access Edmonton Classified after being banned. If you do so just be rest assured we'll find out.

20. Complaints to or against other users must be sent privately. Please don't disobey, disrespect, or defame people here.

21. Please spell words correctly when you post ads, and try to use perfect grammar and punctuation.

22. Never ask buyer or sellers and users of Edmonton Classified for private details or personal details on our website.

23. You must never use fake names, addresses and phone numbers when you register or post your ads on our website

24. Your ads and other advertisements MUST be legit, and you must truly own what you intend to advertise here.

25. Yes, other users, buyers and sellers residing in other provinces and cities in Canada can as well post their ads here.